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The Client:
Refers to those persons who shall, at their sole discretion, agree to the provision of services by the
'Service Partners or Affiliates'

Service Partners (Affiliates):
Refers to those companies or their employees, or those individuals who are offering their services for hire on this website and in other published forms

Each 'Service Partner' is individually and solely responsible for the service that they provide, to you as the 'The Client'. 'Service Partners and Affiliates' stipulate that mutually agreed service will be provided under the terms and conditions provided for on the accompanying website pages hereunder

Prices quoted on call back or published, do not include GST, or 15% driver gratuity; Tolls, Parking and Regulatory Fees will be added without premium. Pickup after Midnight to 4:30am billed at 1.5 times Base Rate. Please call for quotation on services beyond the immediate Toronto area

Meet & Greet Service:
(Where available) $50.00 (Includes all applicable Taxes & Gratuity)

Waiting Time:
15 Minute grace period on all pickups, thereafter $10.00 per 15-minute increments. Airport pickups excluded

$10.00 per stop, based on location

Cash, American Express, MasterCard, Visa accepted. Charge Accounts available On Pre-Approved Credit Terms. Notwithstanding Credit Card Pre-authorization, Accounts May be settled by Payment in Cash ($CDN / US$)
No-Show Fees: Equal to base trip fee plus gratuity and applicable taxes Plus Meet and Greet fee (If Applicable).

Cancellation Policy:
Airport Services, - 2 Hours or less, - Full Base Fare
Livery or Charter (hourly), -12 - 24 hours prior, - 50 % of Base Fare, -12 hours or Less, - Full Base Fare, All other, Nominal Administration Fee at Customer's Discretion, Major Events, - 7 Days or Less, - Full Base Fare