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By placing an order for service, you acknowledge that any agreement subsequently entered into between you and any Limousine Service Provider or Affiliate is a matter between you and the Limousine Service Provider or Affiliate.

The Service Provider or Affiliate’s ability to provide the agreed services may be limited, without liability to the Service Provider or Affiliate, due to conditions beyond their control such as, but not limited to, illness, unforeseen traffic conditions, accident, vehicle upset, adverse weather, or airline or airport delays of flights.

The Service Provider or Affiliate agrees to keep open telephone links, subject to atmospheric conditions, so that inquiries regarding their failure to arrive on time, or at all, may be addressed and that alternative arrangements for the carriage of the Customer to their destination may be accomplished at the earliest opportunity thereafter and at no additional charge to the Customer.

The Customer agrees that their failure to arrive at the designated place of meeting and within the specified grace period of the agreed time period shall be deemed to be a "No Show" and subject to provision of the rate agreement of the individual 'Service Provider' which shall include the base rate for the service, gratuities and applicable taxes.